Video today, in the form of video marketing using social videos and other social video content, is one of the must-have improvement factors that you’ll need for growing a successful business.

This is irrespective of whether you wish to promote your services or products, or put your business out there in the market. In fact, research has shown that incorporating social video content will always help you achieve your goals in getting more views, leads and making for sales. 


The Importance of Video

Although you might not be aware of it, there are many reasons why video marketing is increasingly becoming popular. For starters, the content that you create and share will be in a format that is easy for most people to digest. It is for this reason that most clients today view videos in greater quantities that they read text. For instance, YouTube reports that the world watches more than 1 billion combined hours of video on the platform. 

Whether you are a digital marketer or simply looking to increase visibility for your company, the importance of social video content cannot be overemphasized. In fact, it is the only way to remain competitive in an increasingly busy online life. 

But why do you need video? Essentially, video is one of the most engaging and versatile formats of content that you can use. Not only it is easy to share through different platforms, it also provides people with real-life information about what has been going on.

While targeting consumers, you can also take advantage of video to attract their attention. This is because video is engaging, entertaining, and easy for most of them to digest. Your company, on the other hand, will enjoy high returns on investment especially when you engage in social video marketing.

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How to Use Video

Activating the true power of video requires an understanding of the various types of content, as well as how to use it to create the most effective marketing strategy for your business.

Always keep in mind the type of video you use is important so that it will meet your goals and purpose and offer the best experience for grabbing your audience attention, providing a message that speaks to their needs and wants. 

After that, you can use social videos for various reasons, including but not limited to:

1 – Educating and Informing

Hubspot reports that 97 percent of marketers agree that videos are the most effective tools to help their customers understand different products and services. To this end, you need to approach your audiences using value-based offers instead of trying to sell to them.

Videos are an effective tool because they can provide your target clients with the up-close look at services, products, your business, and just about anything else that you are looking to sell. 

2 – Search Engine Optimization

Cisco released a report that showed that more than 80 percent of all the online traffic that exists will primarily consist of video content by 2021. Today, this is becoming true by the day.

In fact, search engines now prefer video content because they view it as a high quality form of content. Therefore, using this type of content in various forms – as part of a broader marketing strategy – could help you improve your search engine optimization.

However, you would have to incorporate all the right type of keywords, strong titles, and solid meta descriptions for all the social videos that you create and share over the internet for it to work. 

3 – Staying Competitive

Hubspot also reported that 81 percent of businesses have started using video in their market arsenal.  This is because of the ability of this form of content to convey the right kind of message in the right kind of way.

Depending on the products or services that you are selling, therefore, it is important that you try to remain as competitive as possible. You can, for instance, use this unique type of media and storytelling to easily attract the attention of the market that you are targeting, as well as hold it long enough to accomplish your goal. 


Overall, video is one of the most important factors for your business – and you would be losing out a great deal if you chose to ignore it. It is recommended that you establish a proper social video marketing plan and use it to achieve your business and personal goals. 


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