Research studies have shown that real estate agents who use video marketing – particularly social videos

– end up getting 403 percent as many inquiries as agents who do not use this type of content.

Especially if you are a local business looking to enter a market that is increasingly becoming crowded, social video content can help level your growth with other older, better established real estate companies.

The National Association of Realtors, for instance, has reported that online video websites are quickly growing in popularity. This is because more than 36 percent of people have been using this type of content as their primary source of content especially while searching for homes.

It’s why incorporating social videos into your digital marketing plans will help boost your efforts to generate new leads. Even so, video can only work as a marketing technique for your real estate company if you are producing the right kinds of video as well as promoting them effectively.

Below, you will learn how real estate agents use social video content in their business:

  1. New Listings

Using video to list property is one of the most effective ways to capitalize on this resource. It can help you, for instance, show off properties in a more stylish fashion to impress various leads before getting them to move from video into in person, email, and telephone meetings.

When you use listing videos, you will not have to use photos going in a slideshow so that people can see what you have to offer. Today, there are tons of filters, devices, cameras, and apps that you can use to create award-worthy videos.

However, before investing in this type of content, you first need a professional social video marketing strategy in place. This means that you should consider the types of video that you are going to create, who you will be targeting, as well as how long the entire process will take. Some questions you can use to meet this goal include:

– How long is each video going to last?

– How will the videos help you generate new leads?

– What or who will you feature in the videos?

– Who is going to benefit from the videos?

– Will you produce the videos or get a videographer to do it?

  1. Announcing Open Houses

Another way that real estate agents use social videos is for announcing new open house events. These promotional videos are versatile and work well for marketing purposes. You can, for instance, use them as the primary clip that will auto play on the page that you have on YouTube.

Alternatively, you can promote it across various social media channels – such as Instagram and Facebook. By doing so, and making sure your social videos are ‘attention grabbers’ you may be able to get more people interested in attending these open houses – and in the process increasing the odds that you will end up selling the house.

  1. Use It for Promoting Special Services

There are many special services that you can offer as a real estate company. For instance, you can offer moving services to everyone who ends up buying propertyy from you. Otherwise, you could give freebies that people can download on the official company website.

Other ideas for special services include seller consultation offers and limited time free buyer offers, valuation services, rental management or even home staging tips. The list is endless but the main thing to keep in mind is that videos can be useful for promoting these special services that your real estate company offers in your area. Attract more views, click and phone calls with video!

How to Use Social Video Content

As a real estate agent, there a so many other ways you can use social video content. From promoting the services that you offer and announcing open house events to providing information about new listings, video is an effective tool that can help you reach more people and – in the process – increase your returns on investment.

While producing video it’s important to include your contact information and most importantly, calls to action that will move your viewer to take action.  Don’t forget to add a ‘link’ in your social media posting so people can visit after watching your video.  This link should lead the prospects to the official website that you run, but more specifically to dedicated landing pages that will help them access what you have to offer faster.

Through this social video marketing strategy, you will be able to enhance the lead generating capacities that your website has – which will not only bring you more customers but will also improve the search engine ranking for the website.